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Virtual Executive Assistance and Professional Training

Unlimited Consulting

What is a Virtual Executive Assistant? 

A Virtual Executive Assistant is an entrepreneur, a business-owner like yourself. A professional guru with unique skills honed over the years. A Jill (or Jack) of all trades.

As your Virtual Execuitve Assistant, we will provide you with excellent administrative and business support without setting foot in your office. You get all the perks of having your own executive assistant without the aggravation of employee tax and benefits, paid leave and vacations, additional office space or equipment.

Our “Can Do” attitude defines the way we approach everything we do. Our approach is from a business owner’s point of view. And, our time is 100% productive!

Our services are customized to meet your needs. You gain access to skills you don’t have time to learn.

Benefits of working with a Virtual 

Executive Assistant

Reduce Expenses:

  • Eliminate the need to share space in a home-office, or find additional office space for an employee.

  • Eliminate the need to buy additional equipment.

  • Eliminate the need to deal with the managing of an employee.

  • Eliminate the need to deal with payroll taxes, insurance, and possibly benefits.

  • Don't forget about the Federal and State mandates, like OSHA, the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

Benefits of working with a Virtual 

Executive Assistant

Do What You Love To Do:

  • A Virtual Executive Assistant allows you the freedom to create more profitability for your company by allowing you to concentrate solely on your business.

Resources and Expertise:

  • You gain access to the skills and resources that give you a full range of technical options as well as the expertise to solve more-varied issues. We can be your eyes and ears on the Internet throughout the world.
  • Reduction in both fixed and recurrent expenses by paying only for the work that is done for you.

Are you ready to work with a Virtual Executive Assistant?

If you are comfortable working virtually and want the benefits of skilled administrative help, then working with a Virtual Executive Assistant may be your answer.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation to explore how we can partner together to ensure that you reach your established goals.