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Virtual Executive Assistance and Professional Training

Unlimited Consulting



Q. Is this really realistic?

A. Yes, it is very realistic.

Virtual Executive Assistants are highly proficient and can be developed from customary office support to highly specialized areas. Since the relationship is long-term, the support can go further than customary administrative support.

Q. Most small business owners handle their own administrative work, right?

A. Typically, however they soon find it is impossible to generate profits when they are unavailable due to busy administrative responsibilities.   

Q. Why not hire a temporary employee or an on-site assistant?

A. Temporary agencies usually will not send a temporary employee to a home-based business. If you were to hire an on-site assistant, you have to provide space and equipment; payroll and benefits. You also will eventually pay on-site help for down-time. A Virtual Executive Assistant’s time is 100% productive.

Q. I need to obtain a quote for specific training our corporation. What specific information do you need?

A. Our office will need to setup a free consultation for you and obtain some information such as the type of training, number of employees, the desired length of training, etc. 

Q. How can I obtain further information and payment options?

A. You may obtain further information by contacting our office for a free consultation! Feel free to email us at [email protected] , fill out the form under Contact Us or by phone at 972-989-2831. Payment options are negotiable based on services requested.